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Kubota GL14000

Kubota GL14000


The Kubota Generator GL14000 is one of the most innovative, reliable, compact, and high-performing diesel generators on the market.
It’s designed to deliver exceptional power while being easy to maintain, handle, and operate.

Its low-profile compact design means you can fit the GL14000 into compact spaces most other generators in its class will not fit into.
The direct engine coupling and a unique cooling system make this model one of the most efficient and reliable generators on the market.
Its alternator generates more magnetic force with fewer turns. This improves the long-term reliability and durability of the unit.
In addition to this, the varnished surface of the coils adds an extra layer of protection against moisture, dirt, and other debris.

Each varnish-coated wire is wound at a constant pitch. This also adds to the life expectancy of the components and the alternator.


Key Features of the GL14000

  • Max output of 14000W and a continuous output of 12000W
  • Frequency – 60Hz
  • Voltage – 120/240V
  • Dimensions – 51.57″ x 25.2″ x 35.24″
  • Engine – Kubota 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle liquid-cooled, 3600 rpm
  • Weight – 904 lbs
  • Safety shut off valve.
  • Tank capacity – 9.62 gallons

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is a necessary part of keeping a generator running at its optimum. The Kubota Generator GL14000 couldn’t be any simpler to maintain. An easy one-side maintenance location giving you access to; the oil, coolant drain extensions, oil gauge, oil filter, oil refill port, fuel filter, water reserve tank, battery, and air filter/cleaner.

The body is designed to resist corrosion and the elements when used in extreme conditions. It’s finished with a dual-layer surface coating. This both protects the generator and all the internal components while keeping it looking as good as new for years to come.

The Quietest GL Series Generator Yet

WIth diesel generators producing the kind of power the GL14000 is, noise is always a concern.

Kubota generators are known for being some of the quietest on the market. This Lowboy Pro is no exception and is one of the quietest models.

Noise levels are as low as 65 db while running. That’s around the same noise level of general conversation, and a lot quieter than a lawnmower.

The GL14000 achieves this because it has:

  • A large-capacity, built-in muffler that reduces noise from the exhaust.
  • Longer hoses to dampen the air suction noise levels.
  • A large-capacity radiator to reduce fan-related noise, along with a slower-speed fan connected with direct coupling.

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Pros of Diesel Generators

There are various fuel types to choose from when selecting a generator.

Diesel is one of the most popular choices, the main benefits of diesel are:

Low Maintenance
Cost Effective

Diesel engines are robust and reliable. Power outages can be costly, a generator has to provide power when there are few other options. This is why diesel is usually the fuel of choice machinery operated by first responders.

Compared to a gas generator, a diesel engine requires a lot less maintenance. It has fewer moving parts, there are fewer parts to change at intervals, and it’s expected to cost less in maintenance over the life of the unit.

Safety is always an important consideration when using machinery. Diesel operates differently from gas, there are no spark plugs or wires, and the fuel is less flammable.

Diesel-operated machinery almost always lasts longer than other fuel types. Combined with the reduced maintenance costs, this means you can save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Diesel costs more than other fuels, but it also goes a lot further. The more you use a diesel generator like the GL14000, the higher the return on your investment will be.

Why Choose the GL14000

Kubota is one of the most trusted names in the industry. When you’re buying a Kubota generator you can be sure you’re investing in an asset that will not let you down.

Whether you need a generator for commercial or residential use. You shouldn’t settle for less than a reliable, efficient, and powerful generator like the Kubota Generator GL14000

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