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Kubota GL7000

Kubota GL7000

The Kubota GL7000 is a compact generator that produces a huge amount of reliable power. Designed to be as small and light as possible while delivering on power, the GL7000 is the perfect companion everywhere from construction sites to the home.


Key Features of the GL7000

  • The power output is 7 kW (11 kVA) 60 Hz of Standby (emergency or maximum) power. And 6.5 kW prime (continuous) power at a primary voltage of 120/240 VAC.
  • One-point lifting eye and lightweight design of 518 lbs for ease of transport
  • Large fuel tank for longer running time between filling
  • Safety shut-off mechanisms when excessive water temperature or oil pressure is detected
  • Reduced noise levels over previous models operating at just 66 dB
  • Solid and robust weather-proof enclosure

Operating the GL7000

The GL7000 is started with a keyed electric start. On the front of the generator, you have air and oil pressure dials so you can keep an eye on how it’s running.

It’s a compact unit, and via a side entrance, you have easy access to the oil, coolant drain extensions, oil gauge, oil filter, oil refill port, fuel filter, water reserve tank, battery, and air filter/cleaner.

Operating and maintaining the GL7000 couldn’t be any easier. You’ll find all the details you need as to where parts are located in the user manual, and it’s been designed so you can easily access any parts.

Putting Safety First

Safety doesn’t need to be a concern when using the GL7000. It has robust protective covers shielding all moving parts, so there’s no risk of injuring yourself when it’s in use. It also has safety shut-off features should the air pressure or oil levels reach dangerous levels.

Its compact and lightweight design also makes the GL7000 one of the easier generators in its class to move.

The Pros of Using Diesel-Powered Generators

The GL7000 is a diesel-powered generator. There are a number of reasons why diesel is the best type of fuel for powering generators, some of which are:

Cost efficiency – Diesel is an efficient fuel, particularly when compared to gas. Diesel is more expensive, but it goes much further and produces a lot more power output.

Meaning it’s more cost-efficient in the long-term to use a diesel generator. The longer you use your generator, which should be a very long time with a reliable Kubota engine, the better return you’ll see on your investment.

Safer – As mentioned above, Kubota generators are amongst the safest models on the market. Using diesel is also safer than using gas as there is no spark plug to ignite the fuel, and diesel is less flammable.

Longer life expectancy – As a rule of thumb, diesel-powered engines last longer than engines running on gas and other fuel types.

Better power output – One of the main reasons diesel is used in industrial generators is its capability of producing and handling larger power loads. Combined with the added reliability and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see why diesel is the fuel of choice for generators.

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How Noisy Is the GL7000?

The main criticism of diesel-powered generators is the noise level. There have been some marked improvements in this area over recent years. We’re proud to say that Kubota generators are among the quietest running generators on the market.

There are four areas in which we’ve worked on to make the GL7000 one of the quietest models on the market.

These are:

  • Large-capacity radiators to reduce the overall noise level combined with a direct coupling crankshaft and a slower speed fan.
  • Longer air cleaner hoses to reduce the noise from air suction.
  • Large-capacity built-in mufflers to reduce exhaust noise.
  • An improved design inlet valve to reduce noise escaping from openings.

The measured sound level is just 66 dBA from 23 feet away. That’s about the same decibel level as a normal conversation. So, you can communicate with co-workers and be aware of your surroundings while working when the GL7000 is in operation.

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