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Kubota GL11000

Kubota GL11000

Kubota Generator GL11000

The Kubota GL11000 is a small and compact generator that produces a huge 11,000 watts of power. It’s the perfect companion for construction sites and contracting businesses, as well as for use around the home as a backup generator or helping out when using heavy machinery.

It combines all the pros of being a diesel generator; it’s durable, cost-efficient, safe, and reliable while being one of the quietest generators in its class. If you’re looking for a powerful, compact, and reliable generator that won’t let you down – the GL11000 is up to the task.


Key Features of the GL11000

  • Max output of 11000W and a continuous output of 10000W
  • Frequency – 60Hz
  • Voltage – 120/240V
  • Dimensions – 50.4” x 24.3” x 27.5”
  • Engine – Kubota 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle liquid-cooled, 3600 rpm
  • Weight – 650 lbs
  • Safety shut off valve.
  • Tank capacity – 7.4 gallons

Operating the GL11000

With a keyed electric start, starting and operating the GL11000 couldn’t be any easier. On the front of the generator, you have all of the important dials and ports to connect other tools and devices.

On the side, you can lift a panel to gain easy access to all the internal working parts. The oil, coolant drain extensions, oil gauge, fuel filter, oil refill port, oil filter, water reserve tank, battery, and air filter/cleaner.

We think it’s very intuitive to use and easy to find anything you’re looking for. Although, each generator does come with a manual, should you need any assistance.

It’s worth noting that the GL11000 isn’t 100% weather-proof out of the box. We do supply a weather-proof shield to provide some added protection, however.

Harnessing the Power of Diesel

The GL11000 is a liquid-cooled, diesel-powered generator. If you want a reliable and powerful generator, diesel is much better than gas and other fuel types.

The main advantages of using diesel over other fuel types include:

Less Maintenance
Longer Life Expectancy
More Cost Effective

Diesel engines do not use spark plugs or wires, two of the parts you need to replace in gas generators regularly. Therefore, the longer you use a diesel generator and the more hours you run it, the more money you’ll save.

Longer life expectancy – With diesel generators having a much longer life expectancy, you can also make considerable savings over your generator’s lifetime. Plus, no one wants to have to

Safety is always one of the top considerations when using a generator. Gas and other types of generators are obviously safe, but diesel is the safest option. This is largely due to them not using spark plugs and diesel being less flammable than gas. Reducing the risk of catching alight.

Diesel as a fuel typically costs more than other fuels, as do the generators operating on diesel engines. But when you consider the life expectancy and lower maintenance costs as covered above, you can expect to save money over the life of the generator.

Diesel Power Without the Noise

One of, if not the main concerns when buying a diesel generator is that it’s going to be unbearably noisy. This is of particular concern when using it around the home.

We have addressed this concern with our entire range of diesel generators and made some changes to make sure they’re among the quietest running generators on the market.

In the Kubota GL11000, to keep noise levels down, we utilized:

  • Longer air cleaner hoses, which reduces noise from air suction,
  • Large-capacity radiators, a direct coupling crankshaft, and a slower speed fan reduce the overall noise level.
  • The inlet valve has been improved to reduce noise escaping.
  • Built-in large-capacity mufflers greatly reduce exhaust noise.

These design elements combined contribute to the noise level being just 68 dBA from around 23 feet away. To put that into perspective, that’s about the same volume as a normal conversation.

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